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Caster Velveno?

Wasn't the caster Velveno, rather than an "unknown mage"?

Later in the episode we see Velveno changing from his disguise (as the boy who danced with Wendy) into his real shape, so we know he can do that. And he even said he copied the magic of every Fairy Tail member present at the ball.—This unsigned comment was made by NoNickNeeded (talkcontribs) .

Without a direct confirmation from Velveno himself, or having actually seen him transform from/into the woman in question, that is speculation.
WrathRogue ChibiZero10:14,4/11/2013
But at one point in the Episode Velveno said that he copied to magic of every present Fairy Tail member. How else would he have copied from Gray, if not while dancing right before the fight?
10:21, April 11, 2013 (UTC)
There's a pair of not-good looking women who danced with Gray and Natsu beforehand, right? Velveno might be the not-good looking woman. Like What Angry-kun said, as long as there would be no confirmation, everything would be pure speculation.
User Page User Talk 10:27, 4/11/2013
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