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Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail

TALE(テイル) OF(オブ) FAIRY(フェアリー) TAIL(テイル) ICE(アイス) TRAIL(トレイル) ~氷の軌跡~


Teiru obu Fearī Teiru Aisu Toreiru: Kōri no Kiseki


Yuusuke Shirato

Published By

Monthly Fairy Tail Magazine

Original Run

July 17, 2014 – July 17, 2015



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Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail (TALE(テイル) OF(オブ) FAIRY(フェアリー) TAIL(テイル) ICE(アイス) TRAIL(トレイル) ~氷の軌跡~ Teiru obu Fearī Teiru: Aisu Toreiru - Kōri no Kiseki), known as Fairy Tail Ice Trail in the English release, is a Japanese manga series by Yuusuke Shirato and a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's manga series Fairy Tail.


The story of Gray Fullbuster's journey after losing his parents and his master Ur, and before reaching Fairy Tail and becoming a member of it.


Written and illustrated by Yusuke Shirato, "Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail" is a monthly spin-off manga that was serialized in Monthly Fairy Tail Magazine from July 17, 2014 to July 17, 2015. The individual chapters had been collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Kodansha, with both volumes being released on September 17, 2015. There are 13 chapters and 2 omake chapters in total.

The series was licensed for an English language release in North America by Kodansha USA on August 29, 2015, with the first volume released on December 29, 2015.

Volume List

Volume 1

Japanese Release Date: North American Release Date:
September 17, 2015.[1]
December 29, 2015.[2]
Fairy Tail Ice Trail Volume 1 Cover.png Chapters English chapter titles Cover character(s)
  • 001. その少年の名は
  • 003. BLACK VOX
  • 004. 垣間見えるモノ
  • 005. 邂逅と回想
  • 006. RIVER
  • 007. その場所の名は
  • another trail: 雪原の仲間たち

  • 001. And That Boy's Name Is...
  • 002. First Battle
  • 003. Black Vox
  • 004. Fleeting Glimpses
  • 005. Meetings and Memories
  • 006. River
  • 007. And It's Name Is...
  • Another Trail: Friends in Snowy Places

Volume 2

Japanese Release Date: North American Release Date:
September 17, 2015.[3]
June 28, 2016.[4]
Fairy Tail Ice Trail Volume 2 Cover.png Chapters English chapter titles Cover character(s)
  • 008. 晴れ時々雨
  • 009. IN THE TRAIN
  • 010. 森での出来事
  • 011. CLOSER
  • 012. 正体
  • 最終話: START AGAIN
  • another trail: 雪咲く春

  • 008. Sunny With Occasional Showers
  • 009. In The Train
  • 010. A Forest Adventure
  • 011. Closer
  • 012. True Identity
  • The Final Chapter: Start Again
  • Another Trail: Spring, When Snow Blooms

Special Chapters

  • Omake: Another Trail: Snowy Origin Comrades (01/2015)
  • Omake: Another Trail: Spring Blooms in the Snow (02/2015)

List of Chapters

Volume 1
Name Summary Cover Release Date
1. And That Boy's Name Is...
Wandering in a snowy terrain, a young boy tries to rescue a fleeing girl, being hunted by three men. Eventually, they're both captured and taken to the headquarters of the Chrono Nose Guild. After getting acquainted with the girl, Nano Leaf, the girl is taken to the Guild Master Nez Booms, who reveals his plan to use Nano's Egg Knock to hatch the Devil's Egg, which he found years ago. Then, the boy, having escaped his capture, confronts the guild and reveals himself to be Gray Fullbuster, the disciple of the strongest Mage Ur and starts fighting the guild. He then rushes to Nano's side, assuring her that he will fight for her happiness. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 1.png July 17, 2014
2. First Battle
Nez gains the upper hand on Gray, just to be outsmarted by the young Mage, causing him to damage himself with his own attack. Much to their surprise, the Egg starts to crack and hatch, prompting Gray to gather the last of his Magic Power and pierces the Egg, destroying it. Unexpectedly, a flood of an acid-like liquid flows out of the liquid, engulfing an immobilized Nez Booms, and destroying the guild building. Much to his luck, Nano barely saves Gray, an the two return to the former's town, where she is reunited with her family, On board the train, out of town, Gray encounters an old man, who shares his lunch with the young boy, but is then captured when the train is attacked by the Dark Guild, Five Bridge Familia. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 2.png August 16, 2014
3. Black Vox
The Dark Guild claim to use the old man's life, Torch Endeavor, to bargain for the release of their master, Drum Bee, from the infamous Black Vox prison. The party then heads for that destination, after effortlessly fending off Gray. Upon arriving at the humongous black cube-shaped prison and gaining entry, the Dark Mages meet once again with their master, after being released by the powerless Guards. Drum Bee moves to kill the councilor, just to be saved by the Ice Mage, who managed to follow them to Black Vox. Shockingly, the Five Bridge Familia Guild Master releases the entire jail, commanding all the internees to slaughter the jailers, Torch and Gray to repay his favor, an offer they gladly accept. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 3.png September 17, 2014
4. Fleeting Glimpses
As the situation seems desperate, the young Gray refuses to surrender and tries to fend off Drum, who's pinning him down, much to the latter's surprise. They are interrupted however by one of the prisoners, who is revealed to be Gildarts Clive, the strongest Mage of the west, who explains he was posing as a prisoner in order to destroy Five Bridge Familia. After saving Gray and dodging the attacks of the enraged Guild Master, Gildarts musters up his Magic and one-shots Drum Bee out of the prison, defeating him. Gray then looks at the Fairy Tail Mage in admiration, remembering his teacher's words that he will meet Mages much stronger than her. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 4.png October 17, 2014
5. Meetings and Memories
With the Five Bridge Familia finally captured, Gray and Gildarts head out of Black Vox, only to realize that they are headed in the same direction. Displeased by this, they soon get into a fight, following which they sit down and converse calmly. Learning that Gray is Ur's disciple and her fate, Gildarts reveals that he had met Ur before and recounts their encounter, where he found her after she defeated a Snow Monster he set to defeat. After recognizing each other's power, Gildarts ask her to team with him, to which she calmly refuses, stating that she wishes to stay in the land where she had valuable memories with her daughter. He consoles a depressed Gray and, when the boy falls asleep, carries him on his back to the next town. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 5.png November 17, 2014
6. River
Gray and Gildarts arrive in the town of Mone and decide to rest before tackling their next quest, subduing Unicol, a monster which resides in the river on which the town lies. After a nap in a hotel, Gray wanders around town and runs into a slave-girl named Mary, whom he strikes up a conversation with as they head towards her owner's shop. As Gray learns her situation, Gildarts suddenly breaks through the shop with a girl over his shoulder, who is revealed to be Mary's elder sister. He picks up the two kids and they make a run towards the docks as Amelie explains that the four are going to escape from the town and Lord Cappuccino. Once there, they board a ship to cross the river, but are attacked by Unicol when halfway across. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 6.png December 17, 2014
7. And It's Name Is...
While crossing the river near Mone to reach the West, the vessel that Gray, Gildarts Clive, Mary and Amelie are travelling is attacked and destroyed by Unicol. The group stands atop a platform created by Gray and prepare to battle when Cappuccino and Milk Boy arrive to reclaim Mary and Amelie. As the groups battle, Amelie almost falls into the water, but is saved by Mary and Gildarts. She promises to always stay by Mary's side. Meanwhile, Gray and Gildarts defeat Milk Boy and Unicol, then capture Cappuccino's boat and continue their journey. Gildarts commends Gray on his performance and advises the boy to head towards Magnolia to check out Fairy Tail, a suggestion which Gray considers. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 7.png January 16, 2015
Another Trail: Friends in Snowy Places
(another trail: 雪原の仲間たち)
Gray tries to hunt some rabbits in a frozen forest, but is too weak due to three straight days without food. He ends up befriending them and they help each other. Snowy Origin Comrades Cover.png January 20, 2015

Volume 2
Name Summary Cover Release Date
8. Sunny With Occasional Showers
After successfully reaching West, the group soon part ways, Gray receiving some Gold Cotton from Amelie and Mary. Gray later arrives in Foss, where he plans to sell the cotton, only for it to be stolen. He finds and defeats the thief, but loses the cotton to the rain. Broke, he cannot continue his journey, but is saved by a kind gentleman who is grateful for the return of his wallet which had been stolen by the thief Gray captured. With his assistance, Gray is able to board a train to continue travelling. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 8.png February 17, 2015
9. In The Train
Finally aboard a train bound for Magnolia, Gray meets a young Mage named Pause Lightless. The two then help a young King Mole held captive aboard the train reunite with its parents. They are then approached by the thief Gray managed to capture in Foss, who states that he will also travel with them as he wants to avenge his humiliation in Foss. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 9.png March 17, 2015
10. A Forest Adventure
Gray heads to Magnolia by train with two new companions, Pause and Doronbo. But they experience a breakdown in the middle of the Lilac Forest. Bored, the trio heads out to explore and happens upon a Mage's abandoned hideout, where they are attacked by its sentinel. They manage to allow the thief to retreat and close up the entrance to the hideout so nobody else might wander into the dangerous place. They return to the train, which has been forced to halt by Doronbo, and board it, but not before Pause secretly sends out a mysterious message. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 10.png April 17, 2015
11. Closer
Arriving in Magnolia, Gray tries to search for the Fairy Tail Guild building, only to find it closed for the day. Disappointed, he leads Pause and Doronbo to a cafe where they meet a drunk. Pause stealthily tries to leave his companions, but is followed by Doronbo, who tries to stop him. Unsuccessful, he heads back to Gray and informs him of Pause's departure. They try to find him, but fail. As night falls, the drunk they met in the cafe offers to let them live with him for the night, but they are suddenly attacked by three Mages. They reveal the drunk to be a Fairy Tail Mage and capture him, incapacitating Gray and Doronbo too, but not before they realize that Pause is one of the assailants. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 11.png May 15, 2015
12. True Identity
Gray and Doronbo awaken in a hospital a day after their defeat at the hands of Wakaba's abductors. They immediately head out to find Pause and rescue Wakaba, soon arriving at the enemy base. Gray tries to sneak in, but is distracted on seeing an injured Pause and is therefore captured. His opponents reveal themselves to be Fairy Tail's rival, Circus Night. Their Guild Master, Kafuchi Marmalade, orders Pause to kill Gray, but the former is unable to kill his friend, enraging his Master, who vows to kill the Ice-Make Mage himself. But they are interrupted by the arrival of Fairy Tail Mages and a massive fight breaks out between the two Guilds. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 12.png June 17, 2015
13. Start Again
As the war between Fairy Tail and Circus Night continues, Kafuchi absorbs his Guild's members, including Pause to enhance his powers. When Gray tries to get his friend back, he is beaten brutally, enraging Fairy Tail's Master, who defeats Kafuchi. Afterwards, Gray is healed by Porlyusica and returns to Fairy Tail, where he is allowed to join the Guild. Some years later, as he reads a letter from Pause, he is introduced to a new recruit, Natsu Dragneel. Fairy Tail Ice Trail Cover 13.png July 17, 2015
Another Trail: Spring, When Snow Blooms
(another trail: 雪咲く春)
Lost in a blizzard in a forest, Gray is saved by a young girl who claims to create seasons for the forest. Suddenly, her latest creation, Cherry Ash, is stolen by the Treasure Hunter Guild Fisher Man's Prize. Gray helps her retrieve it and then the two part ways. Another Trail, Spring Blooms in the Snow.png February 4, 2015



Fairy Tail
Gray Ice Trail.png
Gray Fullbuster
Gurei Furubasutā
Gildarts Ice Trail.png
Gildarts Clive
ギルダーツ ・クライヴ
Girudātsu Kuraivu
Wakaba Ice Trail.png
Wakaba Mine
Wakaba Mine
Makarov Ice Trail.png
Makarov Dreyar
Makarofu Doreā
Magic Council
Torch prof prop.png
Torch Endeavor
Tōchi Endebā
Grog prof prop.png
Grog Foto
Guroggu Foto
Ice Trail Mary prof prop.png
Amelie prof prop.png
Nano profile 1.png
Nano Leaf
Nano Rīfu
Roka prof prop.png
Pause Lightless
Pauze Raitoresu


Chrono Noise
Nez Close-up.png
Nez Booms
Nezu Būmusu
Five Bridge Familia
FBF Mage prof.png
Five Bridge Familia Mage

Drum Bee close up.png
Drum Bee
Doramu Bī
Cappuccino's Bar
Lord Cappuccino
Milk Boy.png
Milk Boy
Miruku Bōi
Fisher Man's Prize
Tai prof.png
Circus Night
Kafuchi mugshot.png
Kafuchi Marmalade
Kafuchi Mamaredo


Ur's dream.png
King Moguras.png
King Mole Parents

Mogura Offspring.png
King Mole Baby


  • Ice Magic (氷の魔法 Kōri no Mahō): It is a magic that utilizes the element of ice. Creating constructs such as a rose.
  • Molding Magic (造形魔法 Zōkei Mahō): Molding Magic allows the user to mold or create something by concentrating their Magic Power into their hands, like an element, into different shapes or forms.
    • Ice-Make (氷の造形魔法(アイスメイク) Aisu Meiku): is a type of Molding Magic involving the creation of objects using ice.
      • Ice-Make: Floor ((フロア) Furoa): A spell in which the user slams a hand on the floor, creating a slippery layer of ice over the floor. The user can also freeze the surfaces of bodies of water with this spell and slide on the resultant floor.
      • Ice-Make: Sword: The user creates a sword made of ice for melee combat.
      • Ice-Make: Igloo: The user places both hands on the ground and creates a dome made of ice around the target to trap the target. The dome appears to be transparent.[5](Unnamed)
      • Ice-Make: Lance (槍騎兵(ランス) Ransu): The user puts their fist over their palm and creates multiple lances made of ice that they direct towards their target and use to impale them.
      • Ice-Make: Rosen Krone (薔薇の王冠(ローゼンクローネ) Rōzen Kurōne): The user creates giant roses and spiked branches, made out of ice, that surround the target and attack them with thorns.
      • Ice-Make: Wall ((ウォール) Wōru): The user uses one hand to create a big wall of ice that is able to block incoming attacks.
      • Ice-Make: Hammer (大槌兵(ハンマー) Hanmā): The user creates a large hammer made of ice, floating above their opponent and then drops it with great force.
      • Ice-Make: Clone: The user creates a copy of themselves made out of ice. This spell can be used to avoid attacks or to create a distraction for a surprise attack.(Unnamed)
      • Ice-Make: Rock Boat (氷山漁船(ロックボート) Rokku Bōto): The user slams both their palms onto the ground and creates a large frozen boat, complete with mast and riggings, in front of them.[6]
  • Bomb Magic: revolves around the manifestation of various types of bombs. These bombs are normally in the form of spheres[7] or glyphs[8] and can be set by the user to explode immediately or after a certain amount of time. When a timer is set, a clock with only one hand appears on the surface of the sphere or the glyph and the bomb explodes once the hand completes one full revolution around the clockface.[8] The user can not only use this Magic for offensive purposes, but can also use the explosive force of the bombs to accelerate themselves.[9] There appears to be no limit to the number of bombs that the user can summon at a time.[7] But, once triggered, the bombs are as lethal to the user as to the enemy.[10](Unnamed)
    • Time Bomb: The user writes down the number of seconds for the countdown in the air, with the number written correctly from the target's perspective. A sphere with a clock hand on its front surrounds the targets head and explodes after the designated time has elapsed.[11](Unnamed)
    • Full Panorama Bomb (全天爆裂球(フルパノラマ・ボム) Furu Panorama Bomu): The user thrusts their hands forward and shoots numerous orb-like projectiles towards the target's surrounding area. After a short delay, these projectiles explode at the same time.[7]
    • Bomb Stamp (爆印(ボム・スタンプ) Bomu Sutanpu): The user stamps the target with a bomb glyph, a circular symbol consisting of five alternating-colored circles and a hand ending in an arrowhead that acts as a countdown timer. Once the allotted time elapses, the glyph explodes, damaging the stamped target. The explosions can also be used to propel the user forward at enhanced speeds.[8]
  • Egg Knock (エッグ・ノック Eggu Nokku): Egg Knock is a time-related Magic that allows the caster to speed up the time within an egg, enabling them to effectively cut down the egg's incubation period. To activate this Magic, the user puts their hands together and shoots a ray of light at the target. The limitations to this Magic are unknown but, according to Chrono Noise Guild Master Nez Booms, a user of the Magic will be able to decrease the incubation process from ten years to mere moments.[12]
  • Telekinesis: A type of Magic that allows its user to move and take control of things with their mind and use them for whatever purpose they wish, such as for battle. The members of the Dark Guild Five Bridge Familia are able to halt a train in its tracks by crushing one of its carriage under a cliff. They was also able to push back a young Gray Fullbuster without even glancing at him, knocking out the young Mage.[13] Their telekinetic abilities are shown to affect organic as well as non-organic matter, sentient or not.
    • Beam Pective (一点透視図砲(ビームペクティヴ) Bīmu Pekutivu): Drum has his Collect Beam 999's surround an enemy in midair from every side before unleashing all their attacks at the same time, preventing the victim from evading them. It was used against Gildarts while he was carrying Gray in his arms, having jumped in the air to get the boy out of the spheres' trajectory, but the Fairy Tail ace merely nullified them all with Crush.[14]
  • Crush (粉砕(クラッシュ) Kurasshu): It is a very advanced Magic which gives the user the ability to smash everything they come into contact with. If the user is unfocused, they may destroy objects such as houses unintentionally.
    • Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Ikazuchi (破邪顕正・雷土 Haja Kensē : Ikazuchi): After negating the Magic around them with a swipe of their hand, the user hits the opponent with a Crush-imbibed fist that aptly resembles a bolt of lightning.[15]
    • Mizuwari (水割り Mizuwari): The user strikes the surface of a water body with a Crush-imbibed fist such that the resulting shockwaves push back the water around the user, creating a temporary dry depression surrounded by a sheer wall of water.[16]
  • Season Creation Magic: A magic that allows the user to change the season in a particular area. It is a potent Magic which the user can utilize to change the climate of a large region. Its effects can affect an entire forest and transform a raging blizzard into a pleasant breeze. It appears that the user cannot use this Magic directly, having to create a magical powder which is then thrown to the wind, allowing it to spread over the desired area.[17] This Magic is considered to be an A-Class Treasure by the Fisher Man's Prize Treasure Hunter Guild.[18] (Unnamed)
    • Cherry Ash (桜月灰(チェリーアッシュ) Cherī Asshu): Cherry Ash is a Spell which can transform any weather into spring.[19] The user has to create a magical powder which is then spread over the desired area for the effect to take place.[17]
  • Balloon Magic:A magic that revolves around the manifestation of balloons. These balloons are normally placed in a cluster on top of the users head, and are from there ejected towards the foe. The balloons will grow bigger after being ejected in order to catch the foe inside themselves.[20] This Magic can be used rather offensively, despite its defensive nature. When the foe is trapped inside one of the balloons, the user can shoot a needle at the balloon, popping it, and thus creating an explosion that engulfs the foe.[21](Unnamed)
    • Balloon Death Pop (風船割葬(バルーンデスポップ) Barūn Desu Poppu): After trapping their foe inside a balloon, the user shoots a needle at the balloon, popping it, and thus creating an explosion that engulfs the foe.[22]
  • Page Magic:A magic that gives the user complete control over the pages of their book, allowing them to use the pages for multiple purposes. They can be used to attack enemies[23] or for mundane purposes such as sending messages[24] or finding other people.[25] It appears that the paper needs to be folded into different shapes when performing different tasks.[24][25] If the user is knocked out, the pages return automatically into the binder.[26] Another person can also use a page from the book to perform some task if they fold it into the right shape, although their control over the creation seems to be limited.[25] (Unnamed)
    • Pulp Storm (紙嵐(パルプ・ストーム) Parupu Sutōmu): The user summons forth pages from their book, which then begin to revolve in the air with great speed. These pages arrange themselves in the form of a tower in the air, their movement creating a large tornado wherever the user wishes. This technique can be used offensively to cause great destruction.[27]
  • Snake Snake Charms (蛇腹操々(スネイクスネイクチャームズ) Suneiku Suneiku Chāmuzu): This Magic allows the user to produce a slimy, dark substance which manifests itself in a serpentine shape with one end attached to the user's body. The other end has a crude mouth and pair of eyes. Multiple such snakes can be summoned. The user can freely manipulate these snakes, using them to defend themselves as well as launch devastating physical attacks. But even more formidable is the ability to engulf and absorb the targets, thus amplifying the user's Magic Power.[28] The user can release these victims unharmed if necessary.[29]

Important Terms


  • Chrono Noise (喧騒の秒針(クロノ・ノイズ) Kurono Noizu): A Guild located in the depths of a frozen forest.[30] The normal members appear to prefer physical combat to using Magic and seem completely helpless in the face of Gray's Magic.[31] Gray's interference in their plans results in the destruction of the guild building and the death of the Guild Master.[32]
  • Five Bridge Familia (伍条橋一家(ファイブリッジ・ファミリア) Faiburijji Famiria): A Dark Guild specializing in Telekinesis. Drum Bee, the Guild Master, has stated a desire to make Black Vox his Guild Headquarters.[33]
  • Fisher Man's Prize (漁夫之利(フィッシャー・マンズ・プライズ) Fisshā Manzu Puraizu): A Treasure Hunting Guild located in Earthland.[18] A sent out a team of Treasure Hunters led by Tai to recover Season Creation Magic, an A-Class Treasure, from Aba Forest. Although the team managed to steal some Cherry Ash from Roka, it was immediately snatched from them and returned to its rightful owner by a young Gray Fullbuster, who then sent the team flying off a cliff using his Magic.[34]
  • Woodcutting in the Dark (夜半の樵(ウッドキリングインザダーク) Uddo Kiringu In Za Dāku): A Poaching Guild that searches for valuable beasts in order to sell them.[35] A team from this guild managed to capture a baby king mole and chartered on a train compartment. They were then confronted and defeated by the King Mole parents, Gray and Pause.[36]
  • Circus Night: A guild with a deadly rivalry with Fairy Tail And later on declared war against them which ended in their defeat and was eventually apprehended by the Magic Council.[37]

Magic Items

  • Collect Beam 999's (蒐集光太刀999’s(コレクトビームスリーナイン) Korekuto Bīmu Surī Nain): A magical device which Drum employs in conjunction with his telekinetic powers, the Collect Beam 999's take the appearance of a series of spheres, no larger than marbles in comparison to their owner (but in turn considerably large if compared to normal-sized humans), each complete with a large hole and covered in an intricate motif. At the Dark Mage's will, each sphere can fire a powerful beam from the hole located in it, capable of generating explosions of medium size; when moved around in considerable numbers through Telekinesis, the Collect Beam 999's can continuously bombard an area of moderate size, as well as be relocated according to the target's position and chase them around. Drum carries a multitude of them (at least forty) on his person at all times, storing them inside his sleeves, and having them all emerge through the dedicated holes if need be; the Collect Beam 999's were present on him even during his stay in Black Vox.[38]
  • Holds-A-Lot Beta (タクサンハイール改 Takusan Haīru Kai) is a Magic Item that changes the volume of the space it envelopes.[39]
  • Speed-You-Up X (ハヤクウゴケールX Hayaku Ugokēru Ekkusu) are a type of experimental magical medicine that alter a person's sense of time.[40]


  • Chrono Noise Headquarters: a large igloo-shaped building, it has a huge empty dome-shaped space with corridors leading off in various directions. This space was home to the Devil's Egg. It has a prison that they used to contain both Gray and Nano.[30]
  • Black Vox (BLACK VOX Burakku Vokkusu): is a Mage Prison of the Magic Council. It is controlled by Warden Torch Endeavor[41] and Head Jailer Grog Foto under him.[42]
  • Aba Forest (アバの森 Aba no Mori): It is a forest which experiences an endless winter.[43] It appears to be situated at the base of a mountain range.[17]
    • Roka's House: is the residence of Roka,[44] it is situated atop a hillock in the Aba Forest. The hillock seems devoid of vegetation but for a few deciduous trees.[45]
  • Mone (モネ Mone): is a riverside and border city. It lies on the eastern bank of a vast river which divides the East and the West and is, hence, considered a border town.[46]
    • Cappuccino's Bar is a bar previously owned by Lord Cappuccino. Mary and Amelie were former employees, having been slaves.[47]
  • Foss (フォス Fosu) is a town which is known as the entrance to the West.[48]
  • Lilac Forest (天衣の森(ライラック・フォレスト) Rairakku Foresuto) is a forest situated on the rail route from Foss to Magnolia.
    • Abandoned Mage Hideout is the former residence of an unknown Mage located in the depths of Lilac Forest.[49]


  • Devil's Egg: A giant black egg, which Nez Booms had acquired and had captured Nano to decrease its incubation period.[30]
  • Five Bridge Familia Vehicle: is one of the means of transport for the Dark Guild Five Bridge Familia, capable of terrestrial as well as aerial travel. It is unknown whether the the vehicle is magical in nature or not.
  • Head Jailer's Staff: It is an extremely tall staff, almost as tall as Grog himself, and carried by the Head Jailer of Black Vox, serving as a Staff of Office. It appears to be completely metallic and quite unwieldy, its purpose being completely ceremonial. The lower end of the staff is sharpened. The top portion has a square frame with the staff continuing for a bit after that, ending rather bluntly with the end having a square hole in it and two niches under it. The entire object has intricate engravings all over it.[42]
  • Lance: Drum's weapon of choice is a massive lance, slightly exceeding his height in length, which appears to be entirely composed of metal.[50]
  • Milk Bottle: Milk Boy possesses a normal milk bottle, but the liquid inside seems to act like a literal energy drink,[51] allowing Milk Boy to run at speeds which outmatch even Gildarts Clive and carry a man like Cappuccino on his back at the same time, although the drink does not seem to sharpen his reflexes correspondingly as he ran full speed into a wall of ice created by Gray Fullbuster because he didn't notice it.[52]
  • Super Hi-Hi (超Hi-Hi Chō Hai Hai): After taking a swig of the liquid in his milk bottle, Milk Boy appears to gain an energy boost, allowing him to get on all fours and run at great speeds like a gorilla, even if he has a heavy object on his back.[51][52]
  • Gold Cotton (黄金綿(ゴールドコットン) Gōrudo Kotton): a valuable type of cotton, its worth per gram being more than that of gold. This is due to its rarity, which is in turn a cause of the fact that it gets destroyed upon contact with water, but it does not seem to grow in confined places. Due to this, it requires clear skies all throughout its growth to mature properly. This raises the difficulty of cultivating Gold Cotton to incredibly high levels and is purely dependent on luck.[53]
  • Treasure Fishing (お宝一本釣り Otakara Ippondzuri): Using his fishing rod and remarkable sense of smell, Tai can hook any treasure within his range, even if he cannot see it. This allowed him to snag a bag of Cherry Ash from inside Roka's house while he himself stood outside.[54]
  • Fishing Rod: Tai possesses a fishing rod with a remarkably strong hook, capable of breaking through a door which has been built to withstand the blizzards of Aba Forest. He uses the rod for his Treasure Fishing technique.[54]
  • Fishing Net: Tai also possesses a seemingly normal fishing net. He has been shown to use it in battle to entangle his enemies.[55]


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