Sword (ソード祖父 Sōdo Sofu) was a member of the Treasure Hunting Guild Sylph Labyrinth.[1]


Sword is a dark-skinned man of average height, who bears a similar appearance to Hiroshi. He has a long spike jutting straight up on his dark hair, particularly curved eyebrows, as well as small pupils. His wears a white sleeveless vest to go along with red gloves and dark-green pants. His belt dons small cases for storage and a strap that holsters his sword on his back.[1]


Zerø arc

After seeing Warrod, Yuri, and Precht resign from Sylph Labyrinth, Sword tells them to take care while chatting to his guildmates behind him, stirring them up as he states that even though they won't get off to safe start they'll probably have a good time at their new Guild knowing the trio.[1]


Sword: True to his name, Sword possesses a sword that is holstered on his back.[1]


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