Super Express Restaurant is a restaurant located in Balsam Village owned by the Nodding Chef.


The Super Express Restaurant is a restaurant located in the famous tourist spot, Balsam Village.[1]

Exterior Design

Similar to the rest of the buildings in the village, the Super Express restaurant is influenced by Oriental architecture. The whole building is intricately designed with the gigantic head of a golden Dragon on its blue roof. The restaurant and its yard are surrounded by a blue fence with an arch in the front of the shop. In the front of the restaurant, a statue of a pink frog can be seen sitting on top of a rock, carrying an umbrella. A red sliding door serves as the entrance to the restaurant with two windows on either side of it. The name of the shop, written in a different language, can be seen on a signboard on the base of its roof.[1]

Interior Design

A bar is situated in front of the entrance of the shop with multiple wooden stools surrounding it. Inside the bar, a fireplace can be seen with multiple shelves hanging from the wall, topped with different statues and beverages. Multiple tables can also be seen lined up beside the walls of the restaurant.[1][2]


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