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Sting Eucliffe & Rogue Cheney vs. Unnamed Dark Guild is a fight fought between Sabertooth Mages Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney, and the members of an unnamed Dark Guild.


Twin Dragons at some ruins

At some ruins of Earth Land, Sting Eucliffe is sitting on a rock and Rogue Cheney is standing next to him. Sting mentions that the core members of Fairy Tail that had disappeared 7 years ago had returned but Rogue tells him that he is not interested. Sting tells him not to lie to him as he used to look up to Natsu Dragneel but he replies that that was a long time ago.[1]


The details of the beginning of this battle are unknown.

The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth keep talking about X784 and Sting says that it makes him nostalgic. He also mentions that Rogue used to be Gajeel Redfox's fan, but Rogue tells him not to cling onto the past. Then, an archer appears screaming that he had found them and shoots an arrow at Rogue.[2]

Sting eats the arrow

Rogue notices the arrow but doesn't act as Sting stops it by grabbing it with his hand in the air. The archer is surprised to see this and even more surprised when Sting starts eating the arrow. The archer denies it by saying that it can't be, but he is stopped midway through his sentence when Sting seemingly spits something out.[3]

Sting's Dragon's Roar

Sting releases a Dragon's Roar in the form of a tornado which destroys everything in its path. The spell passed above the archer's shoulder scraping him, but leaving him shock because of the power. The surprised archer calls them Sting, "The White Dragon", and Rogue, "The Shadow Dragon", the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth.[4]

The Dark Guild defeated by the Twin Dragons

The archer then starts running away, trying to escape, and the Twin Dragon Slayers ask him if he is just going to abandon his comrades. They call him scum and say that that's what you would expect from a Dark Guild. Behind the hill that the Twins are on, the many bodies of the other members of the Dark Guild are seen.[5]


Lector and Frosch appear and say that the Sting and Rogue had overdone it. Lector calls Sting the most powerful Dragon Slayer. As the four of them walk away, Sting says that currently he would be able to defeat Natsu and invites Rogue to go with him to have a duel with Natsu, but Rogue responds that he isn't interested.[6]


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