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Star Dress: Taurus Form (タウロスフォーム Taurosu Fōmu) is one of several forms of the Star Dress Spell.


Lucy dons Taurus Star Dress

Whilst in the Taurus Form, the user dons an outfit consisting of a bra and sleeves with a cow pattern and pants that leave their right leg entirely revealed. The user also dons a pair of gloves and boots as well as a belt and a bag around their waist. While sporting this dress they use their hair in 2 buns, one at each side of their head abut also leaving some hair hanging. Additionally, Taurus's zodiac sign is located on the user's belt buckle.[1]


Whip: While in this form, it is accompanied with a white whip that ends in a heart-shaped cracker.

Special Features

Immense Strength: While in this form, the user incorporates the power of Taurus into their body, gaining his great strength and is even able to destroy the ground around themself with ease.[2]



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