Star Dress: Scorpio Form (スコピーオンフォーム Sukōpion Fōmu) is one of several forms of the Star Dress Spell.


When in this form, the user dons a skin-tight outfit, where the front has vertical stripes running downward, and the back of the outfit leaves the wearer's back exposed, as the opening is in the shape of a scorpion's stinger. The limbs of the outfit are dark-colored, with a wavy stripe running downwards by the side of each limb. The areas such as the shoulders, elbows, knees, legs and forearms are covered in armor plates, of which the forearm gauntlets leave the hands exposed. The waistline is lightly-colored, with lines running across the edges, and has a chain, tail-like protrusion sat above the wearer's tailbone. The user also dons a headband adorned with the Scorpio zodiac sign on it.[1]

Special Features

Sand Magic (砂魔法 Suna Mahō): This form grants the user the ability to use this particular Magic.[2]

Sand Flight: This form allows the user to blend in a sandstorm and fly freely.[3]

Enhanced Speed: This form grants the user speed as they fly through a sandstorm allowing them to land multiple attacks on their targets.[3]


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