Star Dress: Sagittarius Form (サジタリウスフォーム Sajitariusu Fōmu) is one of several forms of the Star Dress Spell.


The user incorporates the power of Sagittarius into their body, which grants them an outfit consisting of a twin tailed coat and sleeves that leave the shoulders and upper back bare. A pair of dark thigh-high boots with light trim at the top, which split above the knees to reveal the front of the thighs, are also donned. The hair is styled into a typical ponytail with two bangs framing the face. In addition, Sagittarius's zodiac sign is located on the left shoulder.[1]


Bow: This form of the Star Dress is accompanied by an ornate bow with arrows possessing distinctive feathers.[1]

Special Features

Marksmanship Specialist: This form grants the user the excellent marksmanship of Sagittarius, allowing them to fire several arrows simultaneously with each arrow hitting its mark.[2]

  • Arrow Summon: The user is able summon multiple energy arrows just by using the bow.[3]



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