Spetto (スペット Supetto) is a former servant in the Heartfilia Konzern.


Spetto is a short, middle-aged woman with a square-shaped face. She has long, dark purple hair tied in a ponytail behind her head and black eyes.

Being a maid, her attire is that of the profession she practices, consisting of a long, green dress with pink-colored sleeves with golden edges, complete with larger cuffs, an apron tied around her waist, a small mantle covering her shoulders and simple shoes. In addition, she also has a classical maid hat on her head.


Despite previously working for her, she loves Lucy Heartfilia as family.


Sometime after Layla had retired from being a Celestial Spirit Mage, Spetto was given Cancer's key. After Lucy learned Celestial Spirit Magic, Spetto gifted the key unto her.[1]


Phantom Lord arc

Listening in on Lucy and Jude's conversation

Spetto and other servants listen to Lucy and her father

When Lucy Heartfilia came back home, Spetto is cleaning around the fountain at the Heartfilia Konzern. As soon as she saw her close, she started crying tears of joy and announced to everyone that Lucy had returned. She then tells Lucy how worried she had been about her.[2] Later, when Lucy was saying farewell to her father, she and other servants listened with their ears next to the door.[3]

Oración Seis arc

Ms Spetto watches as things are taken away

Spetto watches as furniture gets taken away

Jude Heartfilia reveals that after the Heartfilia Konzern was sold out, Spetto and the other servants had to move out.[4][5]

Appearances in Other Media


Memory Days

After a young Lucy had been saved by a girl in a bunny suit, Spetto and several other Heartifilia Konzern servants arrive. As young Lucy asks her about guilds, she tells her about the Mage Guild, Fairy Tail.[6]

Former Equipment

Gold Keys:


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