The Space Between Time (時の狭間 Toki no Hazama) is a magical dimension deviated from the magic of "nothingness".[1]


The Space Between Time was created from the distortions in the time from the five Dragon Slayers and Anna Heartfilia crossing over 400 years, which as the concept time passed and tried to fix itself it was manufactured. The magic of nothingness, neither light or dark, it was originally stated that no one can exist within it, as well as live within it.[1] It is possible that it can be moved, shut off and/or closed that if those who touch it simply pass right through, as well as it can be harnessed to be used in conjunction with other Magics (such as Fairy Heart).[2]

Described By Anna, that the Space Between Time is not a power, but as a concept.[3] Within it lies another dimension, the current controller of it being Acnologia due to consuming the magical source.[4]


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