Southern Wolves (南の狼 Minami no Ōkami) is a Mercenary Guild located in Fiore.[1]


The location of the Southern Wolves Guild is currently unknown.


The members are known for mainly using martial arts and Magic-countering spells rather than Magic itself to defeat their targets. To be able to perform such things, however, they must be undergo an intense training to improve their strength and intellect.[2] Also known for their arrogance, they get mad easily if one is to vilify their power[3], all the while being the ones themselves to underestimate Mages as their opponents[4]. Furthermore, they would only work for their clients if the price is right, should it be for good or evil purposes.[5]


Name Rank Team Status
Elder Vanish BrotherMercenaryVanish BrothersActive
Younger Vanish BrotherMercenaryVanish BrothersActive


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