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Not to be confused with Hearing Magic, one of Erik's signature magics.

Sound Magic is a Caster Magic and Holder Magic involving sound.


This Magic allows the users to perceive, generate and manipulate any type of sound, attacking the opponents with sounds of various intensity. The caster can create powerful sound waves from any part of their body or anywhere in the nearby surroundings,[1][2] distract and immobilize an enemy,[3] playing a song in order to take control of an opponent or manipulating them in whatever ways the user wishes,[4][5] making it effective for mid-range to long-range combat.

Depending on how much sound is generated, and the pressure in it, Sound Magic can easily deafen the caster's opponents.[1] In addition, the sound waves can even be strong enough to destroy buildings[2] with ease and if supplemented by Curse Magic can kill multiple people.[6]


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