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Sorcerer Magazine (週刊ソーサラー Shūkan Sōsarā) is a magazine that details all about guilds and their functions. It's published every Wednesday. They introduce new hot Magic Items and popular conferences, as well as publish photos of popular Mages.

Sorcerer's Redactors

Sorcerer probably has many active redactors, but currently the only known one is Jason, who is extremely in love with Fairy Tail and its wildness.[1]


Issue 38
Info Included Sorcerer Magazine Cover

The Sorcerer Magazine loves the Fairy Tail Guild due to their destructive nature which makes for good articles. Natsu Dragneel hates Sorcerer Magazine because they have slandered his good name. However, reporters love Natsu because he makes great articles because of his destructive power.

Cover Models

Whisper Matsuki's Love Love Talking!!

Whisper Matsuki's Love Love Talking!! #33
The newest star of Fairy Tail, Celestial Wizard Lucy!
Matsuki Wow, Lucy! You're cute as usual!
Lucy Isn't this our first meeting?
Matsuki What do you mean, Lucy?! Didn't you see me at the magic store two days ago?
Lucy I... I see, Tehehe...(Sweat)
Matsuki By the way, how much do you weigh right now?
Lucy Who asks that right off the bat? I'm not telling you!
Matsuki Don't be embarrassed! As expected of a young lady!
Lucy ......(How annoying!)
Matsuki Oh, also, if you fell in love with me, say it sooner!
Lucy No problem (Very Decisive.)
Matsuki This one is a simple one, what type guys do you like?
Lucy Well, as long as he's humorous, it doesn't really matter.
Matsuki Hmph, you think you're a celebrity or something?!
Lucy That's bit rude, isn't it?!
Matsuki I'm joking, I'm joking. You're quite cute when you're angry, too. As an apology, I'll give you a palm reading.
Lucy Really?
Matsuki Let me see your hand. Hmm...hmmhmhm, this!
Lucy What, what?
Matsuki What a great scent!
Lucy I'll sue you!
Matsuki Nevermind palm reading, I'll perform some magic for you to see!
Lucy I'm... a wizard, you know?
Matsuki People in their teens are moody. Then, the next question!
Lucy Okay.
Matsuki What are Erza's three measurement?
Lucy Huh? Well...
Matsuki What type of guys does Erza like?
Lucy I... I can't say that.
Matsuki Then Erza's favorite food is?
Lucy Strawberry short cak-... wait a minute, I'm the guest here!
Matsuki Tsk!
Lucy What are you tsk-ing for?
Matsuki Tell me your three measurements, Lucy!
Lucy This is ridiculous! Not only that, this counts as sexual harrassment!
Matsuki What a shame... and I was planning to make you this edition's swimsuit girl.
Lucy Wha? What? Starting from the top, its 90-59-88.♥ (36-23-35)
Matsuki Is that true? From my sources, your bust size increased a bit!
Lucy They're growing everyday! Wait, don't ask me if you already have the sources!
Matsuki Well then, the next question.
Lucy Wait a minute, what about the swimsuit girl thing?
Matsuki About that, I don't have the power to decide that.
Lucy Are you really the editor?
Matsuki Hahaha, I get that a lot. Before I became the editor, I was a real estate agent. As for why I changed my career, well, when opportunity comes...
Lucy How about if we discuss about me here?! I'm the guest!
Matsuki You didn't bring gifts?
Lucy Isn't that your responsibility?
Matsuki Let me start over. Congratulations on getting second place in Miss Fairy Tail contest. How do you feel?
Lucy Huh? Asking serious questions all of the sudden. W-well.... getting second place is already quite unbelievable. But Erza deserved the first place. As for why, because she's perfect in every aspect!
Matsuki Liar, you had the winning ticket in hand, and was planning to pay your rent off with that.
Lucy How did you know something like that?!
Matsuki Ah, almost forgot, don't fall in love with me. I have someone else that I love already!
Lucy No way would I fall in love with you! Or should I say I had enough! I wanna go home!
Matsuki Fine, last question.
Lucy ....I barely have said anything...
Matsuki What is your future goal, and your dream?
Lucy Huh? Ah, yes! As a member of Fairy Tail, I want to become a wizard that won't disgrace the name of Fairy Tail. A wizard that can do tougher jobs even if I am alone. As for dreams... I do have it, but I can't say. I think it won't come true if I reveal it.
Matsuki Ooohh, so there are youngsters such as yourself. The Peeping Photos Of Lucy
Lucy Hold it! You have been really rude from the start, you know? Who do you think you are to me?!
Matsuki A super fan Poyo. (Blush)
Lucy What? Wait, what's a "Poyo"?
Matsuki Lastly, please sign my collection of Lucy.
Lucy Huh? Wait! Where did these photos came from?! It's my house! In other words, you took them secretly?!
Matsuki No poyo, I bought these poyo!
Lucy Who is it?! Who is it that's selling these photos?! Better yet... just what the heck is this?! And what's with the poyo?!
Matsuki Poooon!
Lucy I can't believe this column still hasn't ended...


  • Mirajane had already been a model for the Magazine a few times,[2] and Lucy had also been invited, though Natsu and the others ruined it.[3]


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