Snarl (スナール Sunāru) is a former member of the now dissolved Dark Guild, Eisenwald.


Snarl is a small humanoid being with dark grayish skin and no hair. He bears the mark of his guild on the left side of his head, in between his pointed ears. He has two slits for a nose and usually wears a confident sneer. He wears a green shirt with a hood and a pair of red gloves. He wears brown trousers under a dark white quilt and a pair of black shoes for footwear.


Snarl is a heartless individual who is willing to kill others just to satisfy his needs. He is also quite confident with his magical abilities as he lowered his guard once he had encased Natsu in his Sand Bomb.[1]


Daybreak arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Snarl prepares to use a spell

Snarl prepares to cast a spell

While traveling, Snarl and his teammates run into a group of Fairy Tail Mages. Famished, he uses his Sand Magic to cause a diversion and capture the cat, Happy. The group then prepares to cook him but are defeated by the Fairy Tail Mages before they can start, with Snarl being defeated by Natsu Dragneel. The team is then captured and tied up to a tree and try to tell the Fairy Tail Mages something about Lullaby. However, the team is suddenly snatched by a shadow and disappears. Later, they are seen hanging from the ceiling at Eisenwald's Guild.[1]

Magic and Abilities

Sand Explosion

Sand Explosion

Sand Magic (砂の魔法 Suna no Mahō): Snarl employs Sand Magic, a Magic that allows him to create and manipulate sand, enabling him to attack or trap his opponents.[1]

  • Sand Bomb: Snarl punches the ground, creating a Magic seal from which a tidal wave of sand appears and slams the opponent, encasing them in a ball of sand.[1]
  • Sand Explosion: Snarl faces his palms towards the target, causing a Magic seal to appear that causes the ground under the target to explode and cover the target with sand.[1] (Unnamed)

Battles & Events


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