Sky God's Zephyros (天神の北風(ゼフィロス) Tenjin no Zefirosu)[1] is a Sky God Slayer Magic Spell.


A Sky God Slayer is capable of healing wounds through their own version of Healing Magic;[2] a form of Magic which was thought to be long-lost.[3] The user is able to employ this restorative power on themselves, healing injuries in a matter of seconds, without the need for any preparation or particular stance,[2] and can otherwise heal others by generating a bright, airy sphere between their hands and touching targets with it.[4] This spell, unlike the one employed by Sky Dragon Slayers, can heal physical wounds, but it can't restore the target's fatigue; a faculty distinctive to the latter.[5]


  • Zephyros is the Greek god and personification of the western winds.


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