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{{Fairy Tail Wiki:Character Template (Spell)
|name=Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang
|image=[[File:Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang.gif|200px]]
|romanji=''Tenryū no Saiga''
|parent magic=[[Sky Dragon Slayer Magic]]
|parent item=
|user=[[Wendy Marvell]]
'''Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang''' (天竜の砕牙 ''Tenryū no Saiga'') is a [[Sky Dragon Slayer Magic]] spell.
The user cloaks one of their hands in a whirlwind and strikes the target with their fingertips, leaving behind a trail of wind.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 289, Page 10</ref>
<references />
{{Sky Dragon Slayer Magic Spells}}

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