Shamsiel is an anime-only Angel Magic Spell.


Through the use of four Angel Coins, a cost of 40, the user summons forth Shamsiel, the angel of sunlight, a giant stone-like, winged cherub with a pompadour hair-style that contains two mysterious pigs in pink lamb suits that shoot light energy. The angel has hairy legs, a hairy chest, broken-lined eyebrows, no pupils or irises, and a pig's tail.[1]


Shamsiel's Light Blast

Shamsiel's Light Blast

Light Blast: The two pigs in Shamsiel's hair shoot blasts of light from their noses, causing damage in a wide area.[1] (Unnamed)

Enhanced Strength: Shamsiel is very strong, as it was able to smack Dan Straight away from the field of battle with ease.[1]

Enhanced Durability: Shamsiel is virtually indestructible, able to simultaneously withstand direct hits of Dark Écriture: Pain and Ice Make: Saucer, merely replying that it "tingled".[1]


  • Shamsiel (Hebrew: שמשין אל, Greek: Σεμιήλ "Sun of God"), also spelled Samsâpêêl, Shamshel, Shashiel or Shamshiel, was the 16th Watcher of the 20 leaders of the 200 fallen angels that are mentioned in the Book of Enoch.



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