Semmes is a Mage of the Quatro Cerberus guild, as well as a member of its team taking part in x791's Grand Magic Games.[1]


Semmes is a very tall and massive individual, towering in both height and mass over his fellow teammates for the Grand Magic Games,[2] distinguished by an outlandish appearance. Topping his very wide, mildly rounded torso, standing on a pair of rather stocky legs, is his head, which has only the face visible, this being rounded as well, notably small in comparison to the rest of Semmes' body, and strangely colored: two white semicircles are located at its sides, each going from the eye to the corresponding side, while the central part is light blue in color. Semmes' eyes don't have visible pupils,[1] being completely white.[3]

Covering most of Semmes' large upper body is a single black garment, even extending up to his head and acting as an hood of sort, leaving only his face exposed, and growing a pair of prominent protrusions jutting outwards from the sides of the head, each ending in a large, golden sphere. The collar circling the area where Semmes' neck is supposed to be is also golden in color,[3] while a large, light decoration shaped like the letter "X" adorns the central part of such cloth. On his legs, Semmes seems to wear a light, mildly loose pair of pants, coming with a sash circling his waist and bearing a similarly colored waistguard split in two parts, with each part hanging above the outer side of a leg.[1]


X791 arc

Semmes and his team participate in X791's Grand Magic Games, competing in the preliminary event "Sky Labyrinth" and completing the latter in 7th place, being thus admitted to the real tournament, with him bearing the guild's banner.[1] The group cheers Yaeger up as the Mage volunteers himself for the Hidden event,[4] and similarly encourages War Cry as he readies to battle Sabertooth's Orga Nanagear,[5] with their comrade's instantaneous defeat at the hands of Orga's Black Lightning leaving his teammates blank.[6]

Semmes is shown crying out in enthusiasm with the rest of his comrades as Bacchus, who took over War Cry due to the latter's injuries, comes in 1st place during the Chariot event, earning them 10 points.[7] During Bacchus' battle with Team Fairy Tail A's Elfman Strauss, the group beholds the power of the S-Class Mage and his visible advantage over the opponent in joy,[8] but are left in a state of comedic dismay when Elfman, as part of his bet with Bacchus, states that his victory will change the name of their guild in "Quatro Puppy" for the rest of the Games;[9] something which comes real with the unexpected defeat of Bacchus, much to their still comedic astonishment.[10]


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