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Sea Empress Sword (海王の剣 Kaiō no Ken) is a Magic Item owned by Erza Scarlet.


The Sea Empress Sword is a magical sword with an aquatic theme. The grip of the blade is composed of scales with the pommel having the appearance of a fish tail. The chappe of the sword is styled along the lines of a nautiloid's shell with a segmented guard along the dull back edge of the blade.[1]

The blade itself is comprised of water in a sheepsfoot blade style when static. The water ripples along the length of the blade and flows whilst being swung by the wielder, with drops of water coming off of the blade.[1]


Sea Empress Sword in use

Being composed entirely from water, the sword has aquatic properties in which it allows the user to slice through certain objects and material, such as sand, whereas a normal sword wouldn't have an effect on it.[1]


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