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Scythe Armor is an unnamed armor of Coordinator's.


This armor is mainly composed of gold plates and a red body suit underneath. The upper half of the armor consists of a breastplate open at the middle, gauntlets with sharp claw-like fingers and pauldrons, the right one with wing-like decorations. Underneath the armor, Coordinator wears gloves and the red bodysuit, starting at the upper chest level, with a circle cut out around her belly leaving the front of coordinator’s body exposed. The lower part of the armor consists of faulds and leg armor, each with a large wing, with a red, white and black eye pattern on it, and talon-like feet. Coordinator’s head gets adorned by a blue headband or a winged helmet. The armor’s weapon of choice seems to be a scythe.[1]

Special Features

Flight: This armor grants Coordinator the ability to fly.[1]


  • Scythe: This armor comes equipped with a large scythe with a long wooden handle that can be thrown like a boomerang.[1]


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