Scarmiglione (毒鬼の牙(スカルミリオーネ) Sukarumiriōne) is a Legal Guild located in Fiore and winner of the X792 Grand Magic Games.[1]


Scarmiglione participated in the X792 Grand Magic Games and made it to the finals, where they faced off against Dullahan Head. Although they were considered the underdogs because they had won all their previous battles coming from behind, this was proved to be a facade to make money on bets as the guild's participating team pulverized their opponents. Suddenly, a mysterious challenger entered the stadium and took out the champions with one blow, greatly shocking the audience.[2][3]


Scarmiglione is a powerful guild in its own right, winning the X792 Grand Magic Games,[1] though it should be noted that powerful guilds such as Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Blue Pegasus and Quatro Cerberus did not participate, not to mention the disbanded Fairy Tail.[4] The team they sent into the finals comprised of five Mages, each of whom was almost twice as powerful as Chrisack,[5] a Mage of Dullahan Head respected for his power.[6] Despite this, the entire team was still no match for Natsu, who defeated them with the greatest of ease.[7][3]


  • Scarmiglione is one of the twelve named Malebranche in the 8th Circle of Hell's 5th Gulf, where corrupt politicians are immersed in burning pitch, the Malebolge, from the Inferno of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.


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