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Satan Soul: Halphas (ハルファス Harufasu)[1] is an anime-only Satan Soul Spell.


A Satan Soul form that allows the user to take over the appearance, abilities and powers of the demon Halphas. In such state, the users' ears are covered by sky long blue scales, extending backwards, and gain pointed edges, bearing resemblance to those of elves. Users also gain similar scale-like armor in their forearms and hands as well as in their legs. Each forearm also receives a fin-like protrusion on its outer side. They also grow a large, sky blue, stocky tail seemingly made of metal plates or scales, getting smaller and smaller near its end. The clothes also change, with any attire the user might be donning being replaced by a light blue and dark blue, one-piece suit revealing their arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back, exposing most of the belly, wide cleavage and upper back too. This Satan Soul form also dons two angel-like wings that are always pointing upwards.[2]

Special Features

Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): While in such form, the user can use this Magic to enhance their physical combat capabilities,[2] create highly concentrated attacks as well as durable shield.[3]

  • Dark Deflect: Focusing the incoming attack on their palm, the user is able to redirect all magical attacks causing them to be unharmed.[3] (Unnamed)
  • Halphas Blast (ハルファスブラスト Harufasu Burasuto): The user charges darkness energy that is fired towards the target and creates a massive explosion. The user is also able to cause pink-colored Magic projectiles to rain down at the target, powerful enough to damage and destroy the surrounding area.[2]

Flight: In this form, through the use of a pair of blue wings that are reminiscent of an angel's, the user is capable of flying at immense speeds.[2]

Immense Speed: While in this form, the user's speed increases dramatically, to the point where it can even surpass the speed of Satan Soul[2] and an enhanced Racer.[4]

Enhanced Durability: While employing this form, the user's durability is greatly increased, to the extent that it allows them to take a great number of hits by the enemy and still be able to fight. In this form, the user is capable of enduring Racer's countless assaults, who has attained his maximum speed.[4]

Immense Strength: When employing this form, the user's strength is increased to the point where they can easily break through large amounts of solid rock with ease.[2] While using this form, the user is able to block a punch from the Satan Soul form that is being used by Mary Hughes with one hand[2] or even create a crater, when throwing Racer to the ground.[4]



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