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Fairy Tail's S-Class Mage Promotion Trial of X784 was, as the name suggests, the guild's annual S-Class Mage Promotion Trial that took place in the year X784.


For the X784 trial, 8 Mages were selected to participate for the chance of becoming one of Fairy Tail's S-Class Mages. This particular trial took place on Fairy Tail's holy ground, Tenrou Island.[1] The trial had several tests that the participants had to go through, although only one was completed because the trial was interrupted by the arrival of Grimoire Heart.[2]


Eight Mages were chosen to participate. Each participant was allowed to team up with one partner, who should be a Fairy Tail Mage and a non S-Class Mage to aid him/her in battle.[3] The following Mages participated:

Team Trial
Participant Partner First Second
Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel Happy Happy Pass -
Gray Fullbuster Gray Fullbuster Loke Loke Pass -
Cana Alberona Cana Alberona Lucy Heartfilia Lucy Heartfilia Pass -
Levy McGarden Levy McGarden Gajeel Redfox Gajeel Redfox Pass -
Elfman Strauss Elfman Strauss Evergreen Evergreen Pass -
Juvia Lockser Juvia Lockser Lisanna Strauss Lisanna Strauss Fail
Freed Justine Freed Justine Bickslow Bickslow Fail
Mest Gryder Mest Gryder Wendy Marvell Wendy Marvell Fail


First Trial: Power and Luck

Layout of the 8 paths

In this trial, the teams are to choose one of eight different paths. [4] Only one team is allowed per path, and the objective is to get to the other end. Out of the eight paths, four are connected to another path so the teams that meet have to fight against each other to continue (these are the "battle" paths), three have Fairy Tail's S-Class Mages (Gildarts Clive, Erza Scarlet, and Mirajane Strauss) in them so the teams that meet them have to fight and win against them. These paths are considered the "Hard Battle" paths. One path out of the eight has no obstacles and is considered the "quiet" path. This trial begins when the boat that transports the teams to Tenrou Island stops in the middle of the ocean not too far from the shore of the island. The teams have to fight for first choice of which path they want. Once a team enters a path it becomes sealed so that no one else can enter. The highest number of possible teams passing is six and the minimum is three.[5]


  • A. Elfman Strauss and his partner Evergreen chose this path. Mirajane Strauss, an S-Class Mage, was waiting at the end of this path.[6]
  • B. Freed Justine and his partner Bickslow chose this path. This path linked to path C.[7]
  • C. Cana Alberona and her partner Lucy Heartfilia chose this path. This path linked to path B.[8]
  • D. Juvia Lockser and her partner Lisanna Strauss chose this path. Erza Scarlet, an S-Class Mage, was waiting at the end of this path.[9]
  • E. Natsu Dragneel and his partner Happy chose this path. Gildarts Clive, an S-Class Mage, was waiting at the end of this path.[10]
  • F. Levy McGarden and her partner Gajeel Redfox chose this path. This path was the "Quiet" path.[11]
  • G. Gray Fullbuster and his partner Loke chose this path. This path linked to path H.[12]
  • H. Mest Gryder and his partner Wendy Marvell chose this path. This path linked to path G.[12]


Outcome of the first trial

Second Exam: Locate the First Master's Grave

The exam's second goal: find Mavis' grave

The 5 contestants that passed the first exam were allowed to move onto this exam. In this trial the contestants must find the grave of Fairy Tail's first master Mavis Vermillion. They are given a total of 6 hours to locate the grave and complete the task or they will be disqualified. There are numerous obstacles that make this task difficult, such as fending off giant beasts that dwell in the forest.[13] There is also the possible risk of meeting up with other contestants. Finding the grave itself is also great challenge, since the master didn't give any explicit hints or possible clues that could tell where it is. Makarov gave no hints because this exams purpose was to test the intellect of the participants.


Due to the interruption of the Grimoire Heart Guild plus one of the candidates being a member of the Magic Council, the trial was suspended and later cancelled by Makarov.[14]


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