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The S-Class Mage Promotion Trial (S級魔導士昇格試験, S Kyū Madōshi Shōkaku Shiken), also known as the S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial, is an annual guild tradition, wherein selected Fairy Tail Mages of remarkable abilities are given the chance to become an elite S-Class Mage: a position worthy of their exceptional magical prowess. It is comprised of several trials designed to test the skills and competence of the candidates.

Tradition and History

Erza, Makarov, Mirajane, and Gildarts

The S-Class Trials are a longstanding Fairy Tail tradition, held at the end of each year. Before announcements of the candidates are made, the guild members usually become more frantic to take on jobs, in high hopes that it would up their chances of taking part in the trials, thus indicating that merely participating in them is an honor. The tests are different for each year, but just as difficult as the previous ones. Erza Scarlet is the youngest to ever become an S-Class Mage, having triumphed in the trials at 15. It was also shown that just about any non-S-Class Fairy Tail Mage could participate in them, regardless of the time spent in the guild, seeing as how Juvia Lockser was chosen in her first year in Fairy Tail. Alzack Connell, on the other hand, still could not participate, despite being in Fairy Tail longer.

Announcement ceremony

The announcement of the participants stirs a significant level of tension amongst the guild members. A ceremony is held as Makarov Dreyar makes the announcement, in which all the present S-Class Mages line behind him. He discloses important details about the trials; the topography of the battle grounds, when it takes place, and the basic rules of the tests. However, further information on the trials is withheld until the contenders are on their way to the trial grounds.

Past Results

Past Results[1]
Date Promoted Mage
X??? Gildarts Clive
X778 Laxus Dreyar (Age 17)
X779 No Successful Candidate
X780 Erza Scarlet (Age 15)
X781 Mirajane Strauss (Age 16)
X782 Mystogan
X783 No Successful Candidate
X784 Trial Suspended

Year X784 Trial

The S-Class Mage Promotional Trial of the year X784 was held at Fairy Tail's holy ground, Tenrou Island, where the first master Mavis Vermillion is buried. It was cancelled due to the interruption of Grimoire Heart, the Magic Council, Zeref and Acnologia.


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