Rung (ラング Rangu) was the husband of Irene Belserion and the father of Erza Scarlet.[1]


Rung is a middle-aged man with long, dark hair, droopy eyes, and a small goatee. As a general, and one who frequented the battlefield, he wore armor.[1]


From what has been seen of him, he was a cruel and ignorant person, not wanting to believe his very wife was still human even when her transformation into a Dragon was becoming evident, while violently attacking her to prove his point she wasn't pregnant with their child due to her being a monster.[2]


Irene's transformation progresses

Rung facing Irene's wrath

In the X300s, he married Irene as a means of political negotiation due to territorial disputes between Dragnof and his country. He accompanied her into every battle after she became a Dragon Slayer, and was with her when Belserion was killed. Following Acnologia's victory in the war, the general witnessed Irene begin to transform into a Dragon and, calling her an enemy of humanity, locked her away in the palace dungeons. Irene was repeatedly beaten, humiliated and tortured for three years, until the day that the general came to tell her that a date for her execution has been set. Irene pleaded for him to not, as she was pregnant with his child, but he cast doubt on her statement by saying that nobody can be pregnant for as long as she claimed to be. Rung, in a fit of rage, slashes at Irene's stomach to prove himself right, but he instead triggers her complete transformation into a Dragon and is killed when she crushes him in the ensuing rampage.[2]


Sword: Rung carried a regular-sized sword which he used for battle.[2]


  • He was officially named in Episode 313, given that he was nameless in the original manga chapter.[3]


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