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Ruby (ルビー Rubī) is the owner of a casino and an acquaintance of Haru.


Ruby is a small, plump, pink creature that resembles a penguin, but with yellow colored ears. He has small eyes, a yellow beak and slanted eyebrows. He dons a Top Hat, a red bow tie, white long sleeves that are topped by a dark green tuxedo with two yellow buttons, dark colored pants and black shoes.


Ruby usually speaks in a very high-pitched voice and tends to prance and spin whenever he panics; although he is shown to space out and forget for a moment the reason why. He has a habit of ending his sentences with "poyo".[1]

Appearances in Other Media


Fairy Tail x Rave

Ruby remembers the problem

Ruby exclaims the problem

After the chaos that Haru and Natsu made inside his casino, he comes in running, then trips.[1] He then exclaims that something horrible has happened, but pauses for a moment as he states that he forgot the problem. After hearing a few screams, he claims that he now remembers, saying that the slot machine was talking, then marvels at it. As Jackpot 2.0 summons the coin soldiers, he becomes worried about his coins, then exclaims how horrible the situation is.[1]


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