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Royal Palace of Veronica is a location in the Principality of Veronica. It is a castle currently resided by Prince Cream.


It has been a home to Veronica's rulers, with the current one being Prince Cream. It, along with the rest of the country, was built over the ruins of the Fire Village in the year X391.[1]


The palace is located in Veronica.[1] Further details are unknown.

Exterior Design

It is a white-bricked castle with red-bricked roof. Windows are built on both the wall and the roof, with the styles differing between arch windows and simple rectangular windows. The castle has towers, being either built on the castle or connected to the castle with the bridge.[1]

Interior Design

The castle has a luxurious interior design. It has blue walls decorated with gold ornaments, with massive arch windows built in them. In the movie it was only shown the small part of it, having a gold-bordered massive mirror with a richly decorated green chair standing on the left side, overlooking the small table with 4 chairs identical to it. It also had blue decorated tiles and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.[1]

Notable Events

Carbuncle hired by Prince Cream

Carbuncle guild was hired by Prince Cream of Veronica to capture Éclair and obtain her half of the Phoenix Stone with the reward of 400 million Jewel.png.[1]

Also, another very important event was the revival of the phoenix. After its ultimate destruction, the palace, along with the rest of the country, remains in ruins after the rampage.[1]


  • The interior design of the palace bears a striking resemblance to Baroque, which was a period of the artistic style, with his main characteristic being exaggerated details and luxury.


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