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|located in=[[Edolas]]
|located in= [[File:Edolas_symbol.png|0x25px]][[Edolas]]
|controlled by=[[Mystogan|Jellal]]
|controlled by=[[Mystogan|Jellal]]

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The Royal City is capital of parallel world Edolas.


Royal City is located in the West part of Edolas, near Traia City[1].


Map of Edolas

Map of Edolas, marked is Royal City

Royal City is a huge and impressive city. Is built on a circular plan, with a central located royal palace, decorated with an emblem of this country and with the the main tower, which goes back up, almost reached level where the flying islands are floating.

The area around the palace is divided into zones, each of which is fortified by a wall and positioned slightly above the previous one, forming a spiral structure around the palace. In each zone there are numerous towers of different, inconsistent size, of course, still most of them are located directly at the palace itself.

To the City leads impressive, golden gate, which allows you to access most external of the zones.

The city itself is more like an amusement park than a regular city. Wherever the eye reaches extend to facilitate a variety of magic powered by Lacrima. Even such mundane things as plaques with the names of streets or lights are powered by magic.

The palace is located near the E-Land, an amusement park designed for residents. There are a variety of entertainment from traditional carousels, the Train rides and spooky Monster School. Everything was controlled by Command Tact, magic wand, which is in the possession of one of the captains, Hughes[2].

Currently the city is in ruins, destroyed by the Demon Lord Dragneel and his servants: Redfox and Marvell[3].

After the incident power in the country took prince Jellal, who recommended the rebuilding of the city, sentenced to exile the king Faust and allowed to re-settle here, once the magical guild, now mercenaries, called Fairy Tail. [4]


Different Locations in Royal City.
Name Description Picture
Royal Palace The palace inhabitant by the members of royal family, currently only by Jellal. Royal City Palace
Main Street The main street of Royal City, which represent all the thing which town is. Main street in Royal City
E-Land Crazy amusement park. 190px
Fairy Tail Guild The only guild in royal city. Edolas Fairy Tail


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