Rose Garden is a city located in Fiore.[1]


Rose Garden Bird Eye View

Rose Garden viewed from above

Rose Garden is bright colored city overflowing with Magic, where practically every establishment uses magic and sells magic items. From restaurants that poof meals to the table, theme parks with floating carnival rides and streets filled with market stalls that use magic to present their products such as ice cream shaped like snowman and teapot that pours into six teacups. There are also several armory stores that sell weapons and armor.

Besides the cable car trains, residences regularly fly on magic brooms and carpets as mode of transportation. Throughout the town there consists of small floating lanterns and pillars with large cyan colored Lacrimas at the top that light up at night. At the towns exterior lies several floating lights that form a ring around the city.[1]


Although its exact location is unknown, the city lies somewhere in the direction of the Boundary Forest within the south-eastern part of Fiore.[1]


Locations in Rose Garden
Rose Garden Theme Park
Rose Garden Theme Park
Rose Garden Magic Carpet Store
Magic Carpet Store
delideli Restaurant


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