Rosa Espada (ロッサエスパーダ Rossa Esupāda) is an Edolas Magic Item.


The Rosa Espada has a distinctive, double-edged blade which starts as rather thin from the hilt, getting larger and larger near the tip, which as a result takes on a fan-like shape, and seems to lack a frontal piercing edge. The massive flat part between the cutting edges houses three round Lacrima crystals where the blade itself starts to widen, presumably being the source of the weapon’s abilities. The handguard isn’t less characteristic: living up to the sword’s name, or maybe even being the reason behind it, it takes the form of a large rose, sprouting from the weapon’s hilt, which is rather simple, being covered in leather stripes and ending in a metal pommel, roughly taking on the shape of a fan, like the blade.[1]


Sugarboy using his Rosa Spada

Rosa Espada's special ability

In addition to being capable of cutting up enemies like a normal sword,[2] the Rosa Espada possesses the special ability of making the objects it strikes soft and limp, to the point where they are liquefied.[1] This can be used to protect the user from enemy attacks by softening them and making them harmless as a result, as well as to alter the surrounding environment to the user’s advantage.[3] However, the weapon cannot change the original property of the material it softens, as seen with its incapability of cancelling out the slippery effects on ice.[4]


  • Rosa Espada is Spanish or Portuguese for Pink Sword or Sword Rose.


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