Rogue Cheney vs. Bloodman (Historia) is a fight fought between Sabertooth Mage Rogue Cheney and the Historia of Spriggan 12's Bloodman.


Zeref and the Twelve occupying the guild

The Spriggan 12 reunited

After being summoned by the leader in August, the Spriggan 12 all gather at Zeref's side at the newly-relocated Fairy Tail guild hall. Once there, Zeref introduces Mavis, or to them Fairy Heart, to each of the members. Neinhart, who noticed three of his allies have been killed, resurrecting them as historias; Bloodman among them in a curious figure when realizing it was his comrade's Magic that brought him back from the Underworld. He is then chastised by Neinhart, who warns them all to protect him from death or else they will all disappear permanently. With that, they all stand behind their emperor awaiting the resistance to come for them in order to retrieve Fairy Heart.[1]


Rogue strikes Bloodman

Rogue's first attack

As God Serena is in battle with Gildarts, Bloodman alongside with Wall make their move; the Grim Reaper stating he'll deliver all in his presence to the underworld. He's suddenly, however, attacked by a shadow-like presence, revealing to be Rogue, who alongside Minerva stand against the Shield of Spriggan as the latter curiously comments on the shadow.[2] Bloodman, in his Third Seal, engages Rogue in close combat, matching him blow for blow as his fellow Shields are all engaged in combat with the Ishgar resistance.[3] As his teammate Brandish explains to the Fairy Tail Mages she took away from Invel's confrontation, Bloodman continues his brawl with the Shadow Dragon Slayer, violently striking him and mocking his power level, pondering out loud if it's this is the extent of his power.[4] However after much decisive battling between the two, the Dragon Slayer comes out top, toppling the Demon as the latter begins to vanish from being defeated, though Rogue is unsure if his victory was completely his doing or if it was due to the defeat of the Historia's summoner.[5]


Afterward, Rogue converses with Minerva, who simultaneously defeats her Spriggan 12's counterpart. They talk about the blinding light that occurred early; Minerva identifying it as Fairy Law, Makarov's strongest Magic that killed many of their enemies but sacrificed them as they are in unity with Fairy Tail. They begin to examine their current standing in the war, taking into account of the positive and negatives towards their next move.[6]


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