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Rinka Himeji (姫路 凜風 Himeji Rinka) is a high school senior who once visited the Fairy Tail guild with her friends.


Rinka is a petite girl with short light colored hair tied up in a ponytail at the right side of her head. She wears her school's uniform consisting of a long-sleeved shirt, a necktie, a dark-colored blazer, a mini skirt, black stockings and black shoes.


Rinka has a passion for fashion as she finds the ability to change clothes cool. She is also quite persistent as she kept following Erza Scarlet despite her saying that the guild doesn't need people who don't use Magic.



Arriving at the guild

Rinka following Erza

One of Rinka's friends, Hana, drags her and three other friends to the Fairy Tail Guild in Magnolia Town, saying that, since they're already high school seniors, they need to start looking for employment. The four follow Hana into the guild, thinking that it's a company, and are surprised to learn that it's a guild of Mages. During their stay, Erza Scarlet approaches the group, asking them if they can use Magic and demonstrating her Requip, changing her armor for yakuza clothes. Rinka thinks of her as cool and decides to follow her.[1]

Team Natsu Megane

The visit from the Fairy Tail Mages

After Gaku's failure with using Giant, Rinka decides to demonstrate her "Requip" but ends up stripping herself down to her underwear, causing the men to stare at her. Embarrassed, Rinka runs away, crying while Erza notes that she's a promising girl. Soon after, Daichi tries to use Celestial Spirit Magic but only manages to summon a deformed version of the Celestial Spirit Plue, much to everyone's horror. After that fiasco, the group of high school students returns to their school and soon discovers that the Mages of Fairy Tail have paid them a visit as well.[2]


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