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The Rift in Space and Time (時空の狭間 Jikū no Hazama) is described to be the passageway intervals in between space and time; the past as well as the future, where actual existences and beings throughout time and space can be found, reside, live, and communicate. The rift notably appears in regards to distortions in the space-time continuum.


In order to enter an interval of time, a Time Magic user must either 1). have the ability to place oneself and/or others in a paused pocket of time or 2). be able to invoke a subconscious state similar to it to continue into the passageways. Once arrived, and depending on the type of Time Magic used, will give any able-bodied existence the ability to move while everything around them is paused.[1][2] When Time Magic users enter the space-time continuum, it would allow existences already existing within the Rift of Space and Time to locate and find them.[3] Of the exceptions to the rules of the rift, E.N.D. was notably able to move freely on his own while being inside, due to being "stronger than the power of gods" at the very moment of his arrival within the intervals.[4]

Existences, such as the remains of Ultear Milkovich from casting Last Ages, residing within the rift are bound to the passageways of time and unable to appear in the natural world. Residents of the rift can use Thought Projections to communicate with other existences that appears within the valleys of time, although they are only able to maintain it temporarily.[5] Depending on what Time Magic is used to enter this place can affect its appearance and is shown to differ from one another. For example, when Jellal was placed in this rift through Gears Magic,[6] gear blades can be seen in its surroundings while Dimaria's Âge Seal shows an empty dark bluish surrounding.[7]



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