Ribbon (リボン Ribon) is one of the Heartfilia Konzern's former servants.


Ribbon is a short man with distinctive blue hair, a mustache and goatee, being particular in the fact that they are very flat, with his haircut bearing resemblance to an overturned, open book, living up to his profession as a librarian. His eyes are hidden by a large pair or round glasses, with the lenses covered by many concentric circles.

He wears a yellow sweatshirt-like cloth, complete with a hood, and dark pants.


Even though he used to work for her, he loves Lucy Heartfilia and cares for her like family.


Phantom Lord arc

Listening in on Lucy and Jude's conversation

Heartfilia servants eavesdrop on Lucy and her father's conversation

When Lucy comes back home, he overhears Spetto screaming her name and comes to see her. He tells Lucy that he has new books from the East.[1] Later, when Lucy bids farewell to her father, he, along with the other servants, listen with their ears pressed to the door.[2]

Oración Seis arc

Jude, Lucy's father, reveals that after the Heartfilia Konzern was sold, Ribbon and the other servants had to move out.[3][4]


  • In the anime, Ribbon is given an Edolas counterpart. His counterpart can be seen fishing.[5]


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