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Riana (リアナ Riana) is the leader of White Tiger.[1]


Riana's appearance

Riana is a woman of average height; she has black hair in a bowl cut, and fully armored with a top breast plate, picnic table yellow and blue designed cloth that has an open slit at the bottom, and elbow guards that expose part of her arm from the part that disconnects from her armor.[1]


Riana, as seen by her confrontation with Zash Caine, takes crime and treachery seriously when she immediately points her sword at the traitor to the kingdom. She has shown both compassion and loyalty, this being seen when saved by Lucy she was thankful and in tears from the vile actions she witnessed, while also after killing some of her own comrades, she later paid respects to them at their graves.[1]


At some point, she was appointed the leader of White Tiger and was assigned to protect the country's most dangerous secret, Dragon Cry.[1]


Dragon Cry

Riana freed by Lucy

Once some of the guards whom of which are overseeing the building that inhabits the ancient staff Dragon Cry have identified intruders, Riana along with more of her White Tiger squadron come to the defense of the item. The intruders, Zash and Sonya, are stopped with Zash being identified as a traitor to Fiore. After brief dialogue he locks on his Magic with Riana, inducing her to violently attack and kill her underlings. Zash induces the rest of soldiers, leading to a full-on brawl. Riana is then violently struck twice and falls to the ground cover in the blood, breathing heavily. She later is a captive in Zash's underground prison, which he takes people of who possess "pure blood" to compensate for his Black Magic. Lucy Heartfilia who was captured as well awakens to see Riana greet her in despair. Later, when Lucy is saved by Natsu Dragneel she returns to save Riana and the other prisoners, leading her to thank the latter. After the aftermath of the conflict in Stella, Riana is seen paying her respect to her fallen comrades.[1]

Magic and Abilities

Riana shows off her swordplay

Master Swordsmanship: While under the control of Zash, Riana has shown to have immense prowess in swordplay, swiftly killing multiple soldiers with little to no effort.[1]

Enhanced Durability: After being cut up by multiple swords, Riana was still conscious from the blows although her body battered.[1]


Sword: Riana carries a sword with a guard, able to use it for battle.[1]


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