Rescue Team vs. Fiore Forces is a fight fought between the Rescue Team and the Royal Army of Fiore, who are aided by the Garou Knights.


While running through the passage underneath Mercurius, Natsu, Lucy, Mirajane, Wendy and the Exceeds wonder how Future Lucy knew the way out of the castle. Just when Future Lucy states that she doesn't want to be caught by the Royal Army again, the group, ironically, is discovered by the Royal Army. Discovering that Arcadios and Yukino Agria have vanished, Mirajane tells the others that she will look for them while Natsu and his comrades prepare to clash with the army.[1]


Natsu hits the soldiers with Wing Attack

Natsu attacks the Royal Army

Natsu, Lucy, Future Lucy, Wendy, Loke and the Exceeds start to attack the Royal Army with their Magic, planning to break through their ranks to continue their escape. The army remarks upon the strength of the group and decides to summon their "Anti-Magic" unit. While fighting some members of the army, Natsu is hit by a member of the Anti-Magic unit, but is unhurt, stating that such Magic doesn't stand a chance against "a specialist".[2] That is when a man with a dolphin attached to his torso appears from the floor surrounded by water, much to his comrades' surprise and dismay, claiming to be the kingdom's strongest Magic soldier, only to be sent flying by Natsu after a brief confrontation.[3] The rescue team then continues to fight; Natsu uses his Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, Loke uses Regulus Impact and Wendy attacks with her Sky Dragon's Roar. Lucy wonders how many members of the army are there, while Future Lucy states that they shouldn't have taken that way, when, suddenly, the members of the Garou Knights arrive to back up the Royal Army, further impeding the Rescue Team progress. Kama then states that he won't let sinners escape the castle.[4] The Rescue Team is left with no choice but to fight the Garou Knights, so, using their respective Magics, they continue to clash with the Fiore forces.[5]

A shadow swallows the guards

The Royal Army being swallowed by shadows

Wendy gets caught by Cosmos' Magic and Panther Lily shrinks to his chibi form, leading Loke saying that they aren't going to last much longer. Kama tells them to surrender, which angers Natsu. Natsu then states that he will execute them all, however, to everyone's shock, a shadow suddenly appears out of nowhere, swallowing the Garou Knights and the majority of the Royal Army.[6]


Future Rogue appears before the Rescue Team

The man from the shadows appears

In an instant, all the members of the Royal Army and the Garou Knights vanish, surprising the Rescue Team. A man suddenly appears from within the shadows, prompting Natsu to ask the man who he is, with the man replying that he is the Rogue Cheney from the future.[7]


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