Ren Akatsuki vs. Midnight is a fight fought between Blue Pegasus Mage Ren Akatsuki and Dark Mage of the Oración Seis: Midnight.


Nirvana affecting a tree

Eve and Ren noticing the tree

In order to find Wendy Marvell and save Erza Scarlet, the Allied Forces agrees to split up.[1] Eve Tearm and Ren form a group and encounter the Dark Guild, Dark Unicorn Guild.[2] After defeating the members of Dark Unicorn, Eve and Ren continue their search for Wendy when a pillar of light appears in the middle of the forest. Seeing that the light is somehow affecting the trees, the two conclude that the light is Nirvana. Ren tries to contact Hibiki Lates but fails when the Magic Power interferes with the connection. The two decide to split up with Eve continuing to look for Wendy while Ren investigates the light.[3]


The details of the beginning of this battle are unknown.

Ren using Aerial Shot

Ren using Aerial Shot

After defeating Eve, Midnight finds Ren somewhere else in the Worth Woodsea. Ren is already very beat up and wonders why none of his Magic is hitting Midnight. He casts Aerial Shot but it misses.[4] Without moving an inch, Midnight sends red waves towards Ren, causing his face to get slashed across. As Ren falls, Midnight notes that that makes two, complains that the hunt is very dull and asks if there's no one stronger.[5]


Lyon Sherry and Ren keep Christina airborne

Ren, Lyon and Sherry keeping Christina airborne

Ren later recovers and helps operate Blue Pegasus' Magical Bomber, Christina, with Hibiki, Eve, Sherry Blendy and Lyon Vastia. Ren uses his Magic along with Sherry's Doll Attack and Lyon's Ice-Make in order to keep Christina airborne.[6]

Team Natsu going to combat

Team Natsu rises

As Hibiki relays the information on how to destroy Nirvana to the Mages of the Allied Forces riding Nirvana, Zero, the master of Oración Seis, intercepts the telepathy and informs them of Natsu and the others' defeat at his hands. He adds that he himself is standing in front of one of the Lacrima powering Nirvana and that if he is not defeated, Nirvana cannot be stopped. As the Allied Forces members on the Christina collapse due to Magic loss, they inspire the defeated members of Team Natsu somewhere inside Nirvana. Although exhausted, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster and Happy get up from the ground and get back in the battle of light and darkness once again.[7]


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