Ren Akatsuki vs. Araña Webb is a fight fought between Team Blue Pegasus' Ren Akatsuki and Team Mermaid Heel's Araña Webb.


After the first battle of the first day of the Grand Magic Games between Lucy and Flare is finished, the second match is decided by the organizers to be between Team Blue Pegasus's Ren Akatsuki and Team Mermaid Heel's Araña Webb.[1]


The details of the beginning of this battle are unknown.
Ren hit by Web Shot

Araña attacks Ren

After having been fighting for some time, Ren compliments Araña's skills, noting that she had improved since last year, while Araña just asks him if it was alright for a member of Blue Pegasus to attack a woman. In the announcer's booth, Chapati notes that not one of the two sides are yielding and Yajima states that it's a good match. Jenny then cheers for her guild mate, saying that Sherry is cheering for him too. Ren is stunned by his guild mate's comment, giving Araña an opening to attack him with her Thread Magic.[2]

Araña's defeat

Araña defeated by Ren

In the stands, Sherry shouts at Ren, telling him to do his best. Her guild master scolds her for cheering for a rival team but a guild member notes that it's alright since Sherry is already engaged to Ren. Ren shouts at them, telling them that they're not engaged but are merely resigned to being together. He also states that it's irritating since Sherry is always hanging around him. However, he says that he's only at his best when they're together and that he cannot allow himself to look uncool in front of her. Ren then proceeds to attack Araña with Aerial Phose, defeating the Mermaid Heel Mage.[3]


Being the victor of the second match, Ren is awarded 10 points, giving his guild a total of 14 points in the tournament while Mermaid Heel is stuck with merely 3 points. With that, the second match officially ends and the first day's third match begins.[4]


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