Reedus (リーダス Rīdasu) is a member of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild. He is the Edolas counterpart of Reedus Jonah.


Much like his Earth Land counterpart, Reedus possesses long, curly orangish brown hair, styled in an afro-like hairstyle. He has a long, rectangular face, and a prominent nose. Unlike his counterpart, due to his body not having been enlarged by Giant, he is slim and possesses a normal-sized torso.[1]

Reedus dons a jacket with light-colored edges over a shirt with a distinctive fastener area, which takes on a large zigzag-like shape, and is held closed by two groups of four dark buttons each, taking on a rhomboidal shape. He wears a light-colored band on his forehead, keeping his hair back, and simple, dark-colored pants.[1]


Unlike his Earth Land counterpart, Reedus is loud and highly belligerent, often replying to his guildmates' comments with obnoxiously rude demands or comments.[1][2] However, there are times when he is respectfully quiet, such as during Lucy Ashley's speech about how they should fight against the kingdom. Above all this, however, Reedus, much like his Earth Land self, places protecting his comrades as one of the highest priorities and as such assists in the battle against the Royal Army to protect his guild and those from Earth Land.[3]


Edolas arc

Edo Reedus and Gray

Reedus finds Gray's obsession with Juvia annoying

Reedus first appears in the Fairy Tail Guild. After Gray declares he loves Juvia, Reedus yells at him to shut up and to take a seat.[1]

Reedus is present when Lucy Ashley gives her speech to the guild on how they should help fight against the kingdom. After the guild arrives in the kingdom to help their Earth Land counterparts, Reedus runs into battle to help.[3] After the battle is won, Reedus follows his guild into the Royal Kingdom to help calm everyone down. When the Reverse Anima is activated, and everyone from Earth Land goes back, Reedus, with his guild is there when Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, and Happy go back to their homeland.[4]

Former Magic and Abilities

Magic Mace: In battle, Reedus fights with a spiked mace.[3]

Battles & Events


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