Red Lizard (赤い蜥蜴(レッドリザード) Reddo Rizādo) was a Mage Guild operating in the kingdom of Fiore in X679.[1]


Red Lizard Guild's location was situated on Tenrou Island. Its main headquarters is located near a small village.[1]


Back in the year X679, Mavis Vermillion, future Guild Master of Fairy Tail, once served as Red Lizard's janitor in payment of her deceased parents' debt to Zeeself. He along with his daughter Zera, and the subordinates of his guild treated Mavis very harshly. One day, Red Lizard was under attack by its rival guild, Blue Skull. Despite the Red Lizard Mages' efforts to fend them off, the entire guild was destroyed along with the village. This left Mavis and supposedly Zera the only survivors.[1]


Name Rank Team Status
ZeeselfGuild MasterNoneDeceased



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