Red Knife (レッド・ナイフ Reddo Naifu) is a large dog, owned and used in battle by Zash Caine.[1]


Red Knife appears as a vicious red wolf-like dog, as well as being bulky while owning sharp teeth and claws. Red Knife wear a spiked collar around its neck.[1]


Dragon Cry

Red Knife is summoned by Zash to counter the enemies who released the captive prisoners. He approaches Happy, who is red-toned from eating one of the country's fruits, and growls to intimidate the latter. Once Red Knife attacks Happy opens his mouth to release a large fire from the side-effects of the fruit, burning Red Knife who is mute afterwards.[1]

Magic and Abilities

Enhanced Strength: Red Knife had displayed enhanced strength, enough to lift and transport Zash with relative ease.[1]


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