Red-Black Twin Blades (紅黒の双刃 Kōkon no Sōjin) are a pair of Magic Items owned by Erza Scarlet.


The Red-Black Twin Blades are a pair of swords, one being black, and the other (supposedly) being red. The grips of both swords feature what appears to be metal wrapped in a helix, while the pommels are oblate spheres. From there on up, the swords are very unique compared to Erza's array of other weapons, with the blades not being separated from the grips by quillons or anything similar; the guards are part of the blade, and are also metallic and extremely sharp, curving upward on either side of the double-edged swords to as to not protect the wielder's hands, but to, interestingly, protect the ricasso. These would-be guards are also ornate, featuring hamons, and a large gem in the center,[1] which appear to be black on both blades and present on either side. Above said gems are checker-patterned designs, also present on either side of the guard.[2]


The Red-Black Twin Blades possess the unique ability to combine into a zweihänder by placing one sword on top of the other; the swords turn into one that is half black and half red (split down the middle). Otherwise, they are the same, sans the gems turning half black and red, and the increase in overall power due to their new nature as one single sword.[3]


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