Reborn Oración Seis vs. Kingdom of Fiore's Guards is a fight fought between the Reborn Oración Seis and the Kingdom of Fiore's Guards.


Reborn Oración Seis discussing their plan

Following the successful retrieval of the Infinity Clock, the Reborn Oración Seis regroups to an unidentifiable location. There, each member discusses how their main goal is getting underway. Brain II adds to the conversation by giving a small speech about how they plan to use the clock: destroy everything that has a purpose.[1]

Sometime later, the group moves to a plain near a small town, which holds a church. Cobra analysis reveals that there are Fiore Guards protecting the now-seemingly empty church and says for his teammates to head forth.[1]


Angel summoning a new creature

The church suddenly explodes from the inside, alerting the Guards. Angel reveals herself, and while commenting on how apparently unattractive the men are, holds out two cold coins. She playfully tosses it and summons a hammer-wielding angel who quickly disposes of the guards with relative ease.[1]

Meanwhile, Cobra investigates the area and discovers a Celestial Spirit Mage from underground. He levels the entire building using Sound Wall, completely destroying it and leaving it to a burning crisp. With no one left to protect the rubble of the church, as well as the Celestial Spirit Mage being affected by the Anti-Link, the Reborn Oración Seis stand victorious.[1]


Angel approaches Cobra and the two teammates converse with one another. Cobra states that he needs power, and to gain it, he must find and kill her. He adds that his misery is a driving force that gives him power and that until the world ends, the pain in his chest will not disappear. Angel agrees, saying that in order to achieve their objective, the Reborn Oración Seis will convert anything into power, including their failures, frustrations and years of being humiliated.[1]


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