Reborn Oración Seis

The Reborn Oración Seis (新生六魔将軍(オラシオンセイス) Shinsei Orashion Seisu)[1] was an anime-only Dark Guild comprised of seven incredibly powerful Mages created from the ashes of the former Oración Seis.[1]


The goal of the Reborn Oración Seis was to unite the clock parts of the Infinity Clock, as described in the "Key of the Starry Heavens", following the purpose of their previous organization, which was to bring forth total chaos and destruction.[1] The Reborn Oración Seis was also working with Zentopia, and together the two companies succeeded in restoring the Infinity Clock to its true form. However, the Reborn Oración Seis failed in their goal because they were eventually defeated by Fairy Tail and Legion Corps.


Having 5 former members of the Oración Seis, which made up a third of the entire Balam Alliance, the Reborn Oración Seis possesses incredible Magic power at its disposal which has been improved even more after 7 years.[1] However, to attain such powers, each member had to sacrifice something: For Erigor, it was his memories; for Racer, it was his feelings; for Angel, it was her lifespan;[2] for Cobra, it was his right eye's sight; for Midnight, it was a future in which he would be reunited with his father.[3] Klodoa's sacrifice, if he had to make one, is unknown. A seventh member, Imitatia, was a doll that Lucy Heartfilia owned when she was a child. To accomplish the Guild's goal, Midnight turned her into a human capable of withstanding even the Dragon Slayer Magic of Natsu Dragneel.


  • Note: The statuses of the guild's members are the statuses they had within the guild at the time it was disbanded, not their current status.
Name Rank Team Status
Brain IIGuild MasterNoneActive
Grim ReaperMageNoneActive


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