Rebellion within Sabertooth is an event that takes place during the Grand Magic Games arc.


Jiemma blows Sting and Rogue away

Jiemma releases his anger

At Crocus Gardens, Jiemma asks Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney about their loss against Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox and the "disgrace" they brought to Sabertooth with this. Rogue admits that Natsu was just stronger, which enrages Jiemma.[1]


The Guild Master attacks the Twin Dragons and demands that they remove their Guild Marks. However, Lector tries to defend them, stating that they can still grow stronger despite having lost. Jiemma doesn't recognize Lector and gets angrier when the Exceed shows Sabertooth's Guild Mark on his back. Upset at an animal having the mark, he attacks Lector with a blast of Magic, shocking the rest of the Guild as Lector vanishes. Rogue covers his own Exceed, Frosch, afraid that he will be next.[2]

Sting starts crying and yelling in shock, mourning his Exceed. Just as Jiemma is about to scold the White Dragon Slayer further, Sting unleashes a lethal blast of Magic towards Jiemma, piercing through the Guild Master's chest. This unpredictable event shocks the entire Guild, with the exception of Minerva Orland, refers to the event as "good", pleased with Sting.[3]


Minerva reveals her plan to Sting

Minerva confronts Sting

Minerva congratulates Sting, stating that because he surpassed the current Guild Master in power, he is in line for the title. Jiemma tries to speak, but Minerva tells him to be quiet because, according to his own logic, he is weak and thus has no right to speak. She then explains to Sting that what Natsu has and he lacks is what is known as the "power of feelings". She tells him that his feelings towards Lector can become his strength to help him surpass Natsu. She tells him that she saved Lector, having sent him to another place with her Magic. Sting begs her to give him back, but Minerva says that she will only give Lector back if the team wins the games, thereby proving that Sabertooth is the strongest.[4]


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