Raikô: Red Lightning (雷汞・赩御雷(ライコウ・アカミカズチ) Raikō: Akamikazuchi) is a Lightning Magic Spell.


The user creates a special kind of dark-red lightning that they coat their fist with before executing an empowered punch. The lightning has been described as being "lightning that goes beyond lightning", and is noticeably more powerful and possesses unique properties, as it was able to kill Wall Eehto, a Machias who is extremely proud of his immunity to all forms of traditional lightning, be it Dragon Slayer lightning or otherwise, including the immensely powerful lightning from the Wizard Saint-tier Mage Laxus Dreyar.[1]


  • Raikô is the Japanese name for Mercury Fulminate (properly known as Mercury(II) fulminate), which is a lesser explosive that was originally used to ignite gunpowder in older firearms.
  • The character 御 (ミ Mi) in the spell's name is a prefix that indicates non-speaker ownership of the noun that follows, and also indicates an extreme level of respect, generally in regards to relatives or the divine. The following character 雷 (イカズチ Ikazuchi) indicates that this spell in particular is an homage by Laxus Dreyar to his deceased great-grandfather, Yuri Dreyar, a fellow Lightning Magic user.


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