Raguel is an anime-only Angel Magic Spell.[1]


Through the use of 10 Angel Coins, a cost of 100, the user summons forth Raguel, "The Angel who Blows the Horn at the End of the World." Raguel is a white angel that possesses two giant pairs of wings, and four long, four-fingered arms. Raguel's legs are similar to the legs of a hooved animal, and it possesses one large, eel-like tail and two longer, thinner tails on either side, with what appear to be small oval fins at the end. Raguel also has two wing tattoos on its collar bone, like Barakiel and Angel. Raguel has many heads, five in front, two in back, each holding a veined horn with an arm of its own. Two large columns of hair rise upwards from between the top two heads and then curl downward. An additional curl at the top loops in the shape of a halo, just like the one on Angel's head.[1]


Sound Magic: Raguel blows its horns to damage its opponents with a powerful sound-wave, capable of smashing the shield Ricochet into tiny pieces.[1]



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