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'''Raging Bolt''' (レイジングボルト ''Reijingu Boruto'') is a [[Lightning Magic]] Spell.
'''Raging Bolt''' (レイジングボルト ''Rējingu Boruto'') is a [[Lightning Magic]] Spell.

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Raging Bolt (レイジングボルト Rējingu Boruto) is a Lightning Magic Spell.


Laxus raises his clenched fist in the air and chants the incantation, then, a large bolt of lightning will descend upon the target, possibly completely vaporizing him. The full effect of this technique on an individual was not seen as Natsu was pulled out of the way by Gajeel before it could connect..[1]


"Resounding through the air,
the roar of thunder,
plunge from the heavens
and reap destruction!"


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