Rabbit Armor is an unnamed armor of Erza Scarlet's.


When donning this armor, Erza’s appearance resembles that of an armored bunny girl. The armor is a two-toned dress largely open in the middle and has a ribbon visible around her neck which is tied around the collar. It also comes with armored gauntlets which covers the entirety of Erza’s forearms;[1] a pair of bunny eared greaves adorning the knee guards that are composed of plates attached to a pair of high heels.[2] Erza’s head gets adorned by a band with bunny ears and a pair of spade earrings. Also, the armor’s weapon of choice seems to be a pair of twin blades.[3]


  • Red-Black Twin Blades (紅黒の双刃 Kōkon no Sōjin): This two blades have checkerboard designs upon them, while it has the ability to be combined into one blade for added effect and power.[4]


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