Porlyusica's House is Porlyusica's residence outside Magnolia.


Porlyusica's house is located in the East Forest of Magnolia Town.[1]


Exterior Design

At first glance, it is easy to confuse with one of the trees growing in the East Forest, as the base for its construction is most likely one of the local trees. It is hollow in the middle, and there is a fairly large room located inside. Stocks have been pierced in a few areas, creating openings for windows and a massive, ornate door. The land around the house was left unchanged, apart from the creation of paths and a few stairs leading to the main entrance.[1]

Interior Design

As mentioned, the interior of the trunk has been hollowed out, creating a fairly large room. It is decorated rather sparsely, without too much furniture. The little furniture there is consists of a bed, a working desk, several stumps, and numerous crates and barrels. There is also a large collection of books placed on shelves which were dug into the trunk of the tree.[2]


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